Plane Life (prod. Payday Jones)

by Transit22

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As an artist with anxiety & depression disorder, I'm releasing this on #BellLetsTalk day as a tribute/celebration of overcoming these obstacles & using art to combat hard times.


I've been on too many planes to live a plain life
too many cuties in the crowd standing stage right
when I was younger I was nervous I had stage fright
now Thats gone but now I'm nervous I won't age right
I put the FML in family, never after happily
I'm looking for the master key
my hands smell like late nights and cigarettes
lost a couple fans over time but who gives a shit
I don't know your name I'll just call you nova-cane
we can be the shitty superman and Lois Lane
I hang with Jim & Jack cuz only they will know the pain
whiskey cuz I'm Irish liver fights like its notre dame
Before we meet your mom let me pop a breath mint
Only 4 PM but I smell like refreshments
26 old still making out with freshmen
fuck - what do you expect man?

o o o watch as we go
gone too long out on the road
o o o all that we know is drinking beer and rockin' shows

All these girls think that they could maybe fix me up
if you down with beer outta Dixie cups then hit me up
spent my last 50 bucks on some whiskey cups this city sucks
but still I never hit the dust
cuz foolish loyalty is all I walk the plank with
you call them a friend but to them you are Acquaintance
rappers lie through their statements and their cadence
I wish I was lying not living in this lame shit
It's not like glamorous but then it's not like slash my wrist
a pacifist that raps a bit to feel like life is adequate
if my family only knew about like half of this they'd have a fit
but by now they would adapt to it
I lost my wife & my son within the same year, change gears now hoes follow me like reindeers,
but I'm just happy that we stayed clear
and fought depression with the music that we made here.


released January 28, 2016



all rights reserved


Transit22 Calgary, Alberta

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